Daniel English, a big-hearted, energetic, buoyant pastor returns to his hometown church to take over for his mentor and falls for a parishioner. When out of the blue she asks him, 'Will you marry me'. Pastor Daniel is thrilled - until he realizes she is asking him to officiate her wedding with someone else.

Director: Megan Follows
Writer: J.J. Jamieson
Stars: Toya Alexis, Ryan Allen, Kareem Tristan Alleyne

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A group of kidnappers become a child's unlikely protectors after discovering they have unwittingly been set up to take part in a satanic ritual. As they begin to uncover the truth of the house they find themselves trapped, they must battle demonic forces and uncover a legacy of over a hundred years of murder in the name of the Devil.

Director: James Crow
Writer: James Crow
Stars: Jessica Arterton, Jack Brett Anderson, Liam Kelly

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In this eccentric all-female romantic comedy, charismatic filmmaker Anna faces a midlife crisis. She has neither job nor girlfriend, and lives in her friend's garage in Los Angeles. Just when she's about to throw in the towel, she meets Katia, who becomes her muse, inspiring her to write and direct an all-female remake of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Surrounded by beautiful women as cast and crew, including Guinevere Turner in a tour-de-force performance, Carrie Preston, and gorgeous ingénue Agnes Olech as her smitten cinematographer, Anna destroys everything to get to the bottom of what is truly stopping her from love and life.

Director: Anna Margarita Albelo
Writers: Michael Urban (screenplay by), Anna Margarita Albelo (story by)
Stars: Anna Margarita Albelo, Guinevere Turner, Janina Gavankar

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Secrets is a gritty story filled with hope and the will to survive.

Director: R. Malcolm Jones
Writer: R. Malcolm Jones
Stars: Erika Alexander, Vanessa Baden, Sharlene Betancourt

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Pandorica revolves around the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe. Eiren, Ares and Thade are all in line to lead the next generation of their people. Only one of them will become leader but who will it be? Pandorica is an edge of your seat action horror that keeps the twists coming thick and fast.

Director: Tom Paton
Writer: Tom Paton
Stars: Jade Hobday, Marc Zammit, Adam Bond

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The story of a comedian, Ron Waters, who is a Richard Pryor-type of entertainer who makes commentary about the world rather than one-liners. After a self-imposed exile from Hollywood, Ron is back.

Director: Danny Green
Writer: Danny Green
Stars: Harry Lennix, Tatum O'Neal, Robert Patrick

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This feature documentary presents a thoughtful and vivid portrait of a community facing imposed relocation. At the centre of the story is a remarkably astute and luminous 12-year-old black girl whose poignant observations about life, the soul, and the power of art give voice to those rarely heard in society. Unarmed Verses is a cinematic rendering of our universal need for self-expression and belonging.

Director: Charles Officer
Writer: Charles Officer

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In the stark Labrador interior, a growing number of Filipino workers have recently landed in the small regional hub of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, travelling halfway around the world for jobs they hope will offer their families new opportunities and a better life. Becoming Labrador follows a handful of those women and men as they make a place for themselves in Labrador's profoundly foreign climate and culture, and deal with the unexpected costs of living far from parents, partners and children. Combining documentary footage with interpretive animation, and bringing together the vision of three of Canada's best young directors, Becoming Labrador is a remarkable feat of collaborative authorship. It offers an intimate account of the radical mobility and displacement of the modern world, and of how tenaciously people hold to their roots in the midst of fundamental change. Celebrating the ties that motivate and sustain the Filipino workers and their families, it also reveals a subtler love affair, as people from a tropical country find themselves falling for the North.

Directors: Rohan Fernando, Tamara Segura
Writer: Michael Crummey
Star: Ameurfina Casia

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Explores Arjie's sexual awakening from a young boy to a teenager who falls in love with a male classmate, just as political tensions escalate between the Sinhalese and Tamils in the years leading up to the 1983 uprisings.

Director: Deepa Mehta
Writers: Deepa Mehta (co-writer), Shyam Selvadurai (co-writer)
Stars: Agam Darshi, Nimmi Harasgama, Ali Kazmi

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When a young mother's home birth ends in unfathomable tragedy, she begins a year-long odyssey of mourning that fractures relationships with loved ones in this deeply personal story of a woman learning to live alongside her loss.

Director: Kornél Mundruczó
Writers: Ansuman Bhagat, Kata Wéber
Stars: Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Ellen Burstyn

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A famous horror writer finds inspiration for her next book after she and her husband take in a young couple.

Director: Josephine Decker
Writers: Sarah Gubbins (screenplay), Susan Scarf Merrell (novel)
Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Odessa Young, Michael Stuhlbarg

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Olivia, a pregnant woman approaching her due date, returns to Maine for the funeral of her father, but while she's there her fathers well-kept secrets come after her.

Director: Joe Raffa
Writers: Joe Raffa, Edwin Pendleton Stevens (Story by)
Stars: Sterling Hurst, Jillian Armenante, Mark Atkinson

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In his debut stand-up special, "America's Got Talent" finalist and comedian Preacher Lawson overshares about losing a million dollars to a child, sleeping in a race-car bed in high school, frequently peeing his pants and being vegan.

Director: Brian Volk-Weiss
Star: Preacher Lawson

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Collin escaped the hood and found his wife and fortune. His brother Trey is paroled from a murder charge and comes to stay with him. After a disastrous accident, Trey holds Collin and friends hostage vowing he is never going back to prison.

Director: Chris Stokes
Writers: David Drinkwater, Marques Houston
Stars: Flex Alexander, Obba Babatundé, Ashley Broussard

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When a woman's husband, daughter, land and innocence are ripped from her, she embarks on a brutal journey of retribution and revenge.

Director: Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
Writer: Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
Stars: Alexis Lane, Shaka Cook, Dean Kyrwood

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A serial murderer detailed blueprints are thwarted when his subjects begin to turn on each other. He finds himself caught in between his own plans and the unplanned murders by the jealous, backstabbing, fun-loving co-workers.

Director: Jon Artigo
Writer: Jon Artigo
Stars: Jonathan Bennett, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Ben Kurland

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Ozone and Sherm prowls the streets of Los Angeles in search of a serial killer and drug lord who robs and slays victims before he cuts their eyes out. They must find him before he finds them in this dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Director: Jah
Writer: Jah
Stars: Dudley Augustine, Gabriel F. Bellotti, De'aundre Bonds

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Sometimes hope is all you need, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Faced with the death of her beloved grandmother, Lizzie now focuses on the farm, her horses and three day eventing. With her upcoming marriage to James threatened and challenged by a beautiful girl from James's past, Lizzy must learn to stand on her own two feet but with Legacy by her side she can do it. It's a competitive world but she's determined to make it work in 'Hope's Legacy'. Lizzie will need to conquer her bullies and overcome 3 competitions including, show jumping, cross country and dressage with her young horse, Legacy. Her manger played by Dyan Cannon, is by her side all the way but her past catches up with her and Lizzie. Lizzie needs to make a choice to stop it all or go for the gold.

Director: Douglas B. Maddox
Writers: Douglas B. Maddox (Story by), Simon K. Parker (Written by)
Stars: Dyan Cannon, Taylor Lyons, Allen Williamson

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A reclusive spinster abducts a pregnant woman to steal her baby. What she doesn't know is that a ruthless murderer is out to kill the mother-to-be. A dark thriller in the spirit of "Misery" and "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

Director: Dan Cohen
Writer: Dan Cohen
Stars: Bonnie Bedelia, David Fumero, Melissa Fumero

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What happens after we die? This docuseries explores personal stories and research on near-death experiences, reincarnation and paranormal phenomena.

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The story of Ben Clemens, who after 32 years as a border patrol agent is forced to work for the very people he spent his career trying to keep out of the United States. Now exposed to life on the other side of the wall, Ben will start to question his black and white views of the world, challenging his ideology and his loyalties.

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An unknown creature has murdered the Creator of Universe and unleashed the ability to produce miracles. This ability is now in the hands of human beings who have driven themselves into destructive envy and the horrible chaos of suddenly becoming Gods themselves.

Director: Karim Hussain
Writer: Karim Hussain
Stars: Marie-Josée Croze, Barbara Ulrich, Ilona Elkin

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