Jennifer and Vince, virtual strangers, find themselves strapped for cash and decide to stage a fake engagement and wedding just for the gifts.

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Gil Junger
Writer: Howard March
Stars: Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence, Jason MacDonald
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Restaurant hostess and mom Joanne Sanders has to work late one night. After she leaves the restaurant she accidently cuts a car off on the highway. This driver takes it personally and he begins to stalk and harrass Joanne.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Director: Richard Roy
Writer: Duane Poole
Stars: Laura Leighton, Daniel Magder, Alain Goulem
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Elliot Hopper, a widower with three children, is currently working on a deal. His late wife's illness was very expensive and this deal could bring them out of the red. But he gets into a cab that the maniac driver crashes, and the next thing he realizes is that he's floating around and landing in the lab of a scientist who studies the paranormal. He asks the scientist to send him back so he can finish the deal and make sure his children will be taken care of when he's gone for good.

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Director: Sidney Poitier
Writers: Brent Maddock (story), S.S. Wilson (story)
Stars: Bill Cosby, Kimberly Russell, Denise Nicholas
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Ben Tennyson returns home from summer vacation only to discover that a rapidly aging alien criminal named, Eon, is planning to use an ancient alien artifact to destroy Bellwood.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
Director: Alex Winter
Writers: Man of Action (creator), Tom Pugsley (story) (as Thomas Pugsley)
Stars: Graham Phillips, Christien Anholt, Haley Ramm
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A teenage girl is convinced that her home city revolves around her until her family packs up and moves to the suburbs, where she finds herself competing for attention.

Genre: Comedy, Family, Music
Director: Sara Sugarman
Writers: Dyan Sheldon (book), Gail Parent (screenplay)
Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Adam Garcia
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When an artist struggling for purpose meets a mysterious yet charming stranger, she becomes entangled in his twisted attempts to 'relive the perfect moment'.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Tony Leech
Writer: Tony Leech
Stars: Ashlynn Yennie, Dino Antoniou, Sonalii Castillo
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When the boy hero Shazam is offered to join the Justice League he is reluctant about it, but when his rivals the Monster Society put the League in peril he's the only one who can save them.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Director: Matt Peters
Writers: Jeremy Adams, C.C. Beck (comic and characters)
Stars: Sean Astin, Dee Bradley Baker, Troy Baker
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A 12-year-old tech prodigy's science experiment goes awry and he forges a telepathic connection with his best friend, his dog. The duo join forces and use their unique perspectives on life to comically overcome complications of family and school.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Director: Gil Junger
Writers: Gil Junger, John J. Strauss
Stars: Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Gabriel Bateman
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Three Christs follows Dr. Alan Stone who is treating three paranoid schizophrenic patients at the Ypsilanti State Hospital in Michigan, each of whom believed they were Jesus Christ. What transpires is both comic and deeply moving.

Genre: Drama
Director: Jon Avnet
Writers: Milton Rokeach (based on the book "The Three Christs of Ypsilanti" by), Eric Nazarian
Stars: Richard Gere, Peter Dinklage, Bradley Whitford
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