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On Halloween 1997, two estranged teen skaters embark on a surreal journey through their memories, dreams and fears.

Director: Nicholas Verso
Writers: Nicholas Verso, Nicholas Verso
Stars: Toby Wallace, Gulliver McGrath, Mitzi Ruhlmann

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Tells the history and importance of The National Film Registry, a roll call of American cinema treasures that reflects the diversity of film, and indeed the American experience itself.

Directors: Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton
Writers: Douglas Blush (as Doug Blush), Paul Mariano
Stars: Jeff Adachi, James H. Billington, Robin Blaetz

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Based on the H. P. Lovecraft story of the same name, a folklorist investigates reports of unusual creatures in Vermont only to uncover more than he bargained for.

Director: Sean Branney
Writers: Sean Branney (screenplay), Andrew Leman (screenplay)
Stars: Stephen Blackehart, Autumn Wendel, Zack Gold

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Reminiscent of Sunset Boulevard, Hustler White transposes the action from the silver screen's old movie backlots to contemporary male prostitution and the porn industry. Said to be an homage to classic Hollywood cinema.

Directors: Rick Castro, Bruce La Bruce
Writers: Bruce La Bruce, Rick Castro
Stars: Tony Ward, Bruce La Bruce, Kevin P. Scott

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Two mercenaries help wandering caravans fight off an evil and aimless band of white-clad bikers after the nuclear holocaust.

Director: Enzo G. Castellari
Writers: Tito Carpi (screenplay), Enzo G. Castellari (screenplay) (as Enzo Girolami)
Stars: Giancarlo Prete, Fred Williamson, George Eastman

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In the not so distant future, biochemical technology has advanced in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, it has fallen into the hands of the wrong man, a brilliant young biochemist by the name of Jacob, who believes the world is a better place without humanity. Jacob decides to take matters into his own hands by beginning the process to wipe everyone out. Staging biochemical attacks through out the city, the virus is released, infecting millions in a matter of seconds, causing chaos and destruction everywhere. Cee is at her sister's wedding when the virus hits, infecting everyone and killing dozens of her loved ones. Fighting to survive as long as she can, she meets a mysterious man by the name of Caleb, an employee of the world's largest biochemical engineering company, who reveals the origin of the virus. An attack separates Cee from Caleb and she is picked up by people intent on stopping the virus.

Director: Jorge Nunez
Writer: Jorge Nunez
Stars: Sami Reynolds, Ryan Houston, Carl Bailey

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Six college students from different universities around the country are selected to participate in Econo Air's annual, company program to compete for an internship. Each student has dire reasons why they need to land this position that comes long with pay and free tuition. For these reasons, and others- they cannot see the craziness that's going on all around them in the company.

Director: Tania Zee
Writer: Tania Zee
Stars: Tonya Reneé Banks, Tania Zee, Elena Marie Ray

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A mysterious fair come to a small community in the countryside, which could make real the illusions of two kids.

Director: Michael Ritchie
Writers: Tom Jones (play), Harvey Schmidt (play)
Stars: Joel Grey, Barnard Hughes, Jean Louisa Kelly

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A mail room slacker accidentally kills himself in a bizarre experiment and finds himself sentenced to Purgatory...working in the mail room. There, he falls for his beautiful manager and to win her heart he must stop a greedy real estate mogul from selling Purgatory and sending everyone to Hell.

Directors: Joseph Pepitone, Carlos Duhaime (co-director)
Writers: Billy Pepitone, Joseph Pepitone
Stars: Stephen Fontana, Penelope Lagos, Keith Collins

Category: Movie | Views: 450 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

On February 29th 1996, 11 people were found dead in Tokyo, Japan. This was the start of a series of events that will span a decade long investigation to find a notorious serial killer.

Director: Tony Sebastian Ukpo
Writer: Tony Sebastian Ukpo
Stars: Haruka Abe, Junichi Kajioka, Vera Chok

Category: Movie | Views: 302 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

Guests at a mountain ski resort are terrorized by a local possessed by the vengeful spirit of an ancient Native mountain man.

Director: L. Scott Castillo Jr.
Writers: L. Scott Castillo Jr. (original story), Thomas Cue (screenplay)
Stars: Tom Bongiorno, Stephanie Leigh Steel, Thomas Cue

Category: Movie | Views: 293 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

A rag-tag group of people must fight extermination squads amid their ruined city.

Director: Enzo G. Castellari
Writers: Tito Carpi (based on a story by), Tito Carpi (screenplay)
Stars: Mark Gregory, Henry Silva, Valeria D'Obici

Category: Movie | Views: 306 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

Robert (Henson) picked the wrong time to meet his soul mate! After being fired from his own father's company, he feels like his luck has run out - until Morgan (Dennis) enters into his life. Just as things start to heat up between them, trouble brews as Morgan's ex-husband (Rucker) vows to get her back and Robert's gold-digging ex-girlfriend (Hubbard) returns with an agenda of her own. With the help of his cousin (Keyes), Robert's about to find out how much good can come out of a bad situation in this charming romantic comedy that's good to the last drop.

Director: Mark Harris
Writer: Mark Harris
Stars: Darrin Dewitt Henson, Christian Keyes, Lamman Rucker

Category: Movie | Views: 555 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

The Ames' seem to have built the perfect life until their six year old daughter is kidnapped; over the course of seven days they begin to uncover secrets about their past that could rip their marriage and lives apart.

Director: Neema Barnette
Writers: Cory Tynan (screenplay), T.D. Jakes (story by)
Stars: Blair Underwood, Sharon Leal, Nicole Beharie

Category: Movie | Views: 301 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

A preacher whose ancestors were cursed by Druids battles Satan, who has taken the form of a huge snake.

Director: Bob Claver
Writers: James Callaway (story), Gerry Holland (screenplay)
Stars: Fritz Weaver, Gretchen Corbett, Jon Korkes

Category: Movie | Views: 297 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

A look at the life of painter Vincent van Gogh during the time he lived in Arles and Auvers-sur-Oise, France.

Director: Julian Schnabel
Writers: Jean-Claude Carrière, Julian Schnabel
Stars: Willem Dafoe, Rupert Friend, Oscar Isaac

Category: Movie | Views: 1679 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

Two prisoners chained together flee during an escape attempt gone bad.

Director: Kevin Hooks
Writer: Preston A. Whitmore II
Stars: Laurence Fishburne, Stephen Baldwin, Will Patton

Category: Movie | Views: 436 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

On the highways of Mississippi, a psychotic priest and his brother are on a crusade to absolve sinners with their own brand of murder.

Director: Mark Savage
Writers: Tom Parnell, Mark Savage
Stars: Gary Cairns, Luke Albright, Trista Robinson

Category: Movie | Views: 333 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

Stuart is a having a mid-life crisis. Desperate for something more in life, he tags along on his best friend's family vacation to Paris - then proposes to his friend's 26-year-old daughter, Rosalind, while standing under the Eiffel Tower.

Director: Archie Borders
Writers: Archie Borders, Judith Godrèche
Stars: Matt Walsh, Judith Godrèche, Reid Scott

Category: Movie | Views: 1457 | Added by: myonlineseries | Date: 2019-02-13 | Comments (0)

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