International art dealer Ron Hall must befriend a dangerous homeless man in order to save his struggling marriage to his wife, a woman whose dreams will lead all three of them on the journey of their lives.

Director: Michael Carney
Writers: Michael Carney (screenplay), Alexander Foard (screenplay)
Stars: Renée Zellweger, Jon Voight, Djimon Hounsou
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The movie is about a tech company, which is developing software capable of uploading a person's consciousness and memories to a virtual space.

Director: Robert Scott Wildes
Writer: Vanya Asher
Stars: Justin Chatwin, Laura Fraser, Gabriel Byrne
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The story of Rudolph, a thirteen year old vampire, whose clan is threatened by a notorious vampire hunter. He meets Tony, a mortal of the same age, who is fascinated by old castles, graveyards and - vampires. Tony helps Rudolph in an action and humor packed battle against their adversaries, and together they save Rudolph's family and become friends.

Directors: Richard Claus, Karsten Kiilerich
Writers: Richard Claus, Angela Sommer-Bodenburg (based on stories and characters by)
Stars: Rasmus Hardiker, Amy Saville, Jim Carter
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A team of Navy SEALs discover an underwater treasure in a Bosnian lake.

Director: Steven Quale
Writers: Richard Wenk, Luc Besson
Stars: J.K. Simmons, Charlie Bewley, Sullivan Stapleton
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