A young blade runner's discovery of a long-buried secret leads him to track down former blade runner Rick Deckard, who's been missing for thirty years.

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Writers: Hampton Fancher (screenplay by), Michael Green (screenplay by)
Stars: Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas
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Set in the lawless world of the Old West, this series follows the path of a young man forced on a journey to avenge the death of this father, protect the Apache tribe he has grown to love and reclaim the land and gold that is rightfully theirs.

Director: Royston Innes
Writers: Royston Innes (creator), Ric Maddox (creator)
Stars: Ric Maddox, Aaron Marciniak, Sasha Higgins
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Two alienated young strangers participate in a mysterious guerilla street project, traveling the country in search of connection and answers to life's most haunting questions.

Director: Ethan Warren
Writers: Ethan Warren, Ethan Warren
Stars: Ryan Caraway, Kelsey Siepser, Halli Herzog
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Mike Fallon, the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer whose methodical hits baffle the police and delight his clients. He is the best at what he does. But when a loved one is dragged into the London underworld and murdered by his own crew, Fallon is forced to rip apart the life he knew in order to hold those accountable and avenge the one person who actually meant something to him.

Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Writers: Scott Adkins, Pat Mills (comic book)
Stars: Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson, Ashley Greene
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After meeting online, Jack and Kristy go on a weekend getaway to the woodlands of rural Missouri. While discovering each other, they soon learn of the terrorizing horrors that the forest has in store.

Director: Chip Gubera
Writers: Chelsea Andes, Chip Gubera (story)
Stars: Jewel Shepard, R.A. Mihailoff, Ben Kaplan
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This is a romantic comedy where Zeke finds out that Sex Ain't Love by going through a roller coaster ride of emotions with his old friend Regina. Zeke learns more about his heart than sex can ever teach him.

Director: William Adams
Writers: William Adams (story), William Adams
Stars: Aubrey Marquez, Tiffany Monique Higginbotham, Princess-Alicia Rule
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A genre-bending anthology film set around the seven deadly sins.

Director: Benjamin Rider
Writer: Benjamin Rider
Stars: Cornelius Geaney Jr., Julia Papp, Darren O'Connor
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A pair of childhood friends reunite during their summer break from college and deal with a traumatizing experience from their past.

Director: Liz W. Garcia
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Stars: Juno Temple, Julia Garner, Maggie Siff
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A thriller centered on a couple who makes an old estate their new home and soon begin to see the spirits of dead children.

Directors: Dean Jones (as Dean C. Jones), Dean Jones
Writers: Josh Edwards, Dean Jones (as Dean C. Jones)
Stars: Lance Henriksen, Jason Cook, Valerie Azlynn
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