An eccentric suburban woman and a Walmart door greeter navigate their evolving relationship in this unconventional love story.

Directors: Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles
Stars: Dina Buno, Scott Levin
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Daniel loved his job as a small town priest more than anything. Then he met Jane. God help him.

Director: Paul Shoulberg
Writer: Paul Shoulberg
Stars: Zachary Spicer, Wrenn Schmidt, Danny Glover
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WORST FRIENDS is the story of two childhood friends who are forced to re-think their friendship as adults. When Jake (Richard Tanne) is injured in a car accident, the only person willing to take care of him is his childhood friend Sam (Noah Barrow). With the aid of a tough-as-nails physical therapist (Cody Horn), Sam helps Jake recuperate, but when Sam's high school crush (Kristen Connolly) enters the picture, old habits and bitter rivalries resurface, threatening to tear their friendship apart.

Director: Ralph Arend
Writers: Ralph Arend (screenplay), Ralph Arend (story)
Stars: Richard Tanne, Noah Barrow, Kristen Connolly
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A woman engaged to marry a self-centered film and stage director/choreographer falls for a caterer whom she kisses, as does he for her.

Director: Michael Feifer
Writer: Joany Kane
Stars: Karissa Lee Staples, Brant Daugherty, David O'Donnell
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In 2007 author Phillip Muirhouse was left alone in a haunted homestead called 'Monte Cristo'. He was there making a documentary that was to accompany his latest book. He also broke the rule of all ghost hunters.... Never Be Alone. The following is video documentation leading to he is arrest.

Director: Tanzeal Rahim
Writer: Tanzeal Rahim
Stars: Iain P.F. McDonald, Kate Henderson, Steve Lynch
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In 2008, rookie journalist Jay Bahadur forms a half-baked plan to embed himself among the pirates of Somalia. He ultimately succeeds in providing the first close-up look into who these men are, how they live, and the forces that drive them.

Director: Bryan Buckley
Writers: Jay Bahadur (Book "The Pirates of Somalia"), Bryan Buckley (Screenplay)
Stars: Al Pacino, Evan Peters, Melanie Griffith
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