A very high level and brief history of how "Machine Gun Jack McGurn" rose from amateur boxer to second in command of Al Capone's criminal empire.

Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.
Writer: Ian Patrick Williams
Stars: Sean Faris, Milo Gibson, Jason Patric

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An astronaut becomes stranded on Mars after his team assume him dead, and must rely on his ingenuity to find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.

Director: Ridley Scott
Writers: Drew Goddard (screenplay by), Andy Weir (based on the novel by)
Stars: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig

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Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

Director: Peyton Reed
Writers: Edgar Wright (screenplay by), Joe Cornish (screenplay by)
Stars: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll

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Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate - an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Writers: Christopher McQuarrie (screenplay), Christopher McQuarrie (story)
Stars: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner

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Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.

Director: Brad Bird
Writers: Damon Lindelof (screenplay by), Brad Bird (screenplay by)
Stars: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie

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Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to North London to help a single mother raising 4 children alone in a house plagued by a supernatural spirit.

Director: James Wan
Writers: Chad Hayes (screenplay by), Carey W. Hayes (screenplay by)
Stars: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe

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Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet - in her own family home.

Director: Adam Robitel
Writers: Leigh Whannell (based on characters created by), Leigh Whannell
Stars: Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson

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As their own mothers drop in unexpectedly, our three under-appreciated and over-burdened moms rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for mothers: Christmas.

Directors: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Writers: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Stars: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn

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The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name.

Director: Brad Bird
Writers: Bruce Geller (television series "Mission: Impossible"), Josh Appelbaum
Stars: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg

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The intertwined lives and loves of three highly-ranked athletes striving for the national team; Chris bounces between the beds of male coach Terry and her female friend, competitor, and role model Tory.

Director: Robert Towne
Writer: Robert Towne
Stars: Mariel Hemingway, Scott Glenn, Patrice Donnelly

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When a Japanese car company buys an American plant, the American liaison must mediate the clash of work attitudes between the foreign management and native labor.

Director: Ron Howard
Writers: Edwin Blum (story), Lowell Ganz (story)
Stars: Michael Keaton, Gedde Watanabe, George Wendt

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The story of Patsy Cline, the velvet-voiced country music singer who died in a tragic plane crash at the height of her fame.

Director: Karel Reisz
Writer: Robert Getchell
Stars: Jessica Lange, Ed Harris, Ann Wedgeworth

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A pushy, narcissistic filmmaker persuades a Phoenix family to let him and his crew film their everyday lives, in the manner of the ground-breaking PBS series "An American Family". However, instead of remaining unobtrusive and letting the family be themselves, he can't keep himself from trying to control every facet of their lives "for the good of the show".

Director: Albert Brooks
Writers: Monica Mcgowan Johnson (as Monica Johnson), Harry Shearer
Stars: Dick Haynes, Albert Brooks, Matthew Tobin

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A broken-down, middle-aged country singer gets a new wife, reaches out to his long-lost daughter, and tries to put his troubled life back together.

Director: Bruce Beresford
Writer: Horton Foote
Stars: Robert Duvall, Tess Harper, Betty Buckley

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A recovering drug addict takes a job with a documentary crew who plans to interview three subjects who claim to be real life monsters.

Director: Victor Mathieu
Writers: Corbin Billings (screenplay by), Shariya Lynn (screenplay by)
Stars: Toby Hemingway, Justin Bruening, Murielle Zuker

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A group of kids venture into enemy territory in an ambitious attempt to rescue their Navy Seal fathers who were captured during a failed mission in North Korea.

Director: Ferdinand Fairfax
Writers: Jim Thomas, John Thomas
Stars: Kevin Dillon, Christine Harnos, Edward Albert

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