SAVING CAPITALISM is a documentary film that follows former Secretary of Labor and Professor, Robert Reich, as he takes his book and his views to the heart of conservative America to speak about our economic system and present big ideas for how to fix it.

Directors: Sari Gilman, Jacob Kornbluth
Star: Robert Reich
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When the girl he likes goes missing, Jake enlists the help of his grandpa and his former special ops buddies.

Director: Erik Canuel
Writer: Jeff Schechter
Stars: James Caan, Jessica Walter, Greta Onieogou
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A cave-dwelling man sets out to track down the killer of a homeless boy, and bring him to justice.

Director: Kasi Lemmons
Writers: George Dawes Green (novel), George Dawes Green (screenplay)
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Colm Feore, Ann Magnuson
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A true classic that will leave you wondering how this man isn't more of a household name, with an outrageous sense of humour that will leave you gasping for air in between laughs. I really can not recommend it more!!

Director: Ryan Polito
Star: Rob Schneider
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"After a bad breakup, former Christmas lover Marie (Lowndes) loses her Christmas spirit. Trying to restore it, her mother sends Marie Christmas ornaments from her childhood, and a coincidental blessing follows each one. Marie's Christmas spirit gets another boost when she meets her handsome neighbor, Nate (Penny), and feels a spark with him while celebrating the season. When Marie's boss assigns her to edit the book of the man who caused her holiday heartache, however, the task resurfaces doubts from the past and even causes her to push Nate away. Feeling lost both at work and in love, Marie looks for a Christmas miracle to give her the confidence to pursue her work goals and to try to win Nate back. As Christmas approaches, Marie must follow her heart's passion - both at work and in love - and hope for one more blessing from her magical Christmas ornaments."

Stars: Julianne Alexander, Lukas Engel, Kristen Kurnik
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A guide to The Paul O'Grady Story, the 2017 Channel 5 TV documentary about the career of Paul O'Grady.
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Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and The NRA tells the stories of how guns, and the billions made off of them, affect the lives of everyday Americans. It features personal stories from people across the country who have been affected by gun violence, including survivors and victims' families. The film exposes how the powerful gun companies and the NRA are resisting responsible legislation for the sake of profit - and thereby putting people in danger. The film looks into gun tragedies that include unintentional shootings, domestic violence, suicides, mass shootings and trafficking - and what we can do to put an end to this profit-driven crisis.

Director: Robert Greenwald
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A suburban town is torn apart in the aftermath of an accidental teen drug overdose in this ensemble film exploring the mysteries of modern faith.

Director: Andrew Papke
Writer: Andrew Papke
Stars: Stephen Baldwin, Amy Lyndon, Kevin Sorbo
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Story of the relationship between the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

Director: Christine Jeffs
Writer: John Brownlow (screenplay)
Stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig, Lucy Davenport
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Comedy that tells the story of two free spirited stoners who, after smoking some top secret pot created by the CIA in 1986, find themselves catapulted into 2016. With 30 years of their lives lost, our now balding and overweight friends use their uncomplicated enthusiasm to get their lives back on track and to figure out the modern world.

Director: Brad Epstein
Writers: Billiam Coronel, Brad Epstein
Stars: Faizon Love, Russell Peters, Alex Meneses
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Few know the story of how the U.S. Navy SEALs (Sea, Air and Land) became the renowned warriors of today. Without them, much of world history would have been written differently, from the beaches of Normandy to the Pacific theater, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
This Documentary explains the story of the U.S. Navy SEALs, and how they came to be, from their Frogman and UDT (Underwater Demolition Teams) ancestors, to their making in 1962, and to present day. Former Navy SEALs and UDTs are interviewed and third stories are told from all eras of Naval Special Warfare.
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Three American tourists follow a mysterious map deep into the jungles of Japan searching for an ancient temple. When spirits entrap them, their adventure quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.

Director: Michael Barrett
Writer: Simon Barrett (screenplay)
Stars: Naoto Takenaka, Asahi Uchida, Logan Huffman
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A Brazilian western about Cabeleira, a feared killer living in the countryside of Pernambuco State in the 40's.

Director: Marcelo Galvão
Writer: Marcelo Galvão
Stars: Diogo Morgado, Maria de Medeiros, Thaila Ayala
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Mean, gritty, dirty and low and that's just the Policeman Gary Keltie (Ken Stott) out for retribution for the horrendous crimes against the helpless people of Edinburgh during the nineteen seventies, by notorious, torturous, and killer, debt collector Nickie Dryden (Billy Connolly). This is as hard as they come; giants of their professions one with a trade that needs to be kept secret and the other holding a grudge. Shot around the beautiful City of Edinburgh years later, with it coarse language and criminal underclass, we see the wrath of spite, hate, jealousy and violent vengeance all in the final showdown of justice and with it its uncompromising final debt to society.

Director: Anthony Neilson
Writer: Anthony Neilson
Stars: Billy Connolly, Ken Stott, Francesca Annis

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George, now a father, goes to Las Vegas, where he has to help out his brother.

Director: David Grossman
Writers: Jordan Moffet, Bill Scott (television series)
Stars: Christopher Showerman, Julie Benz, Angus T. Jones
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A playboy gets the tables turned on him when a party is arranged with all of the women he has been two-timing are in attendance.

Director: Lionel C. Martin
Writers: Mark Brown (story), Mark Brown (screenplay)
Stars: Bill Bellamy, Natalie Desselle Reid, Lark Voorhies
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Fonda and Redford will star as Addie Moore and Louis Waters, a widow and widower who've lived next to each other for years. The pair have almost no relationship, but that all changes when Addie tries to make a connection with her neighbor.

Director: Ritesh Batra
Writers: Kent Haruf, Scott Neustadter
Stars: Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, Judy Greer
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A loving family, a successful career, finding true love. The things we all strive for in life. Many find their paths to be easy and straightforward - others are like metal to magnets, being pulled in directions with no control of their own.

Director: John Bernard Richardson
Writers: Brian S. Carpenter, John Bernard Richardson
Stars: Azumi Tsutsui, John Bernard Richardson, Brian S. Carpenter
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On special assignment from the head angel, a guardian angel is sent to the town of Angel Falls in hopes of restoring it's Christmas spirit.
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It is one of humankind's greatest achievements. More than 12 billion miles away a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space - the first human-made object ever to do so.

Director: Emer Reynolds
Writer: Emer Reynolds
Stars: Frank Drake, Carolyn Porco, John Casani
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Psychological thriller in which two twin sisters move in with their aunt after their mother is placed in psychiatric care.

Director: John Murlowski
Writer: Alix Reeves
Stars: Haylie Duff, Grace Van Dien, Jacy King
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A snowstorm forces two people who made an online connection to unwillingly extend their one-night stand as the blizzard goes through the night.

Director: Max Nichols
Writer: Mark Hammer
Stars: Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Szohr
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Beginning on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, "Brave Enough," documents violinist Lindsey Stirling over the past year as she comes to terms with the most challenging and traumatic events of her life. Through her art, she seeks to share a message of hope and courage and yet she must ask herself the question, "Am I Brave Enough?" Capturing her personal obstacles and breakthrough moments during the "Brave Enough," tour, the film presents an intimate look at this one-of- a-kind artist and her spectacular live performances inspired by real-life heartbreak, joy, and love.

Directors: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
Stars: Lindsey Stirling, Justine Ezarik, Cassey Ho
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